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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Cherie Gaines

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Chessica Cave

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Kristi Hutson


Students needed to be able to read in elementary school to be successful in school and in life. Meanwhile, teachers graduated from teacher preparation colleges and not able to teach reading once they were in their own classrooms. Teachers who developed self-efficacy in the teaching of reading were the best teachers to teach reading. The purpose of this qualitative interpretive study was to determine third grade reading teachers’ perceptions of how school leaders, professional development, and instructional coaching supported the development of self-efficacy in reading instruction. I conducted this study in three schools in a school district with the highest reading scores in the state of Georgia. Teachers indicated supports from professional development, instructional coaches, and school leaders helped them to develop self-efficacy. These teachers additionally stated modeling of new strategies was the most impactful source of developing self-efficacy.

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