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Is there scientific backing for "Tortie-tude" or "Orange Cat Behavior"? Many cat owners swear by these claims. Can coat color predict cat personality? If coat color is an accurate way to predict personality, the cat adoption process could be smoother. Also, veterinarians can be better prepared to avoid cat scratches and bites if they know a color is more likely aggressive. We made and distributed two surveys to determine the perception of personality by color and the actual personalities of cats. The first survey, "Cat Perception," was given to people who work with cats and, therefore, have interacted with a large number of different cats and asked how they perceived cats of each color (black, white, orange, gray, brown, bicolor, and tricolor). We gave the other survey to cat owners and asked about their cats (color, personality, and outside influences). Results. In conclusion, we found that personality is affected by coat color.