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Spring 5-6-2022


Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease that is common among the canine population and is characterized as a disease process that causes pain and lameness. The purpose of this prospective cohort study is to determine the effectiveness of improving mobility from dry-needle acupuncture for mild/moderate elbow joint arthritis in canines as an additional treatment to NSAIDs, specifically Metacam and Carprofen. The control group will only take either Metacam or Carprofen. The treatment group will take Metacam or Carprofen and receive dry-needle acupuncture. After the baseline test, both groups will be retested every 2 weeks up until 24 weeks. The treatment group will receive weekly 30-minute dry-needle acupuncture sessions. A pressure plate will be used to determine amount of pressure, in Newtons, that a canine is placing on the affected limb. In addition, three observers will determine the lameness of the canine and be averaged. Both tests will determine if the canine showed a decline, unchanged, or improvement in condition throughout their participation of the study. Then, the data from both measurements will be analyzed to determine the effect of dry-needle acupuncture compared to NSAIDs alone.

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