Concerning this Online Collection

The Lincoln Memorial University Yearbook collection includes school yearbooks published from 1913 to 2014. While most LMU yearbooks were known under the name of Railsplitter, there was one published in 1913 under the title of Blue & Gray. These yearbooks provide glimpses into the history of Lincoln Memorial University and its surrounding community through the perspectives of those who lived and worked on campus. They serve as a gateway into the time in which they were created and often include intimate visuals of campus and daily life. The Lincoln Memorial University yearbooks within this collection were digitized using the CZUR M3000 Pro V2 overhead book scanner. This scanner was purchased with funding made possible by the National Historical Publications & Records Commission of the National Archives through the State Board Programming Regrant provided by the Tennessee Historical Records Advisory Board.

Though the pages of the yearbooks are overlaid with a transparent watermark, these copies made from digitizing our yearbooks are unabridged and without exclusions. As such, there are some years in which a yearbook contains offensive content that is not condoned by the University Archives & Special Collections. We maintain these yearbooks in full as records of the past, representing the societal norms during the time in which they were made, so they may be viewed within their historical context as primary sources for the study and understanding of LMU’s growth through the decades.


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