Cumberland Mountain Naturalist

Cumberland Mountain Naturalist

About the Cumberland Mountain Naturalist

The Cumberland Mountain Naturalist is a quarterly journal devoted to publishing articles of varied interests related to ecology, conservation, taxonomy, organismal biology, as well as many other topics for a general audience.  Each issue consists of a single article focused on a single topic written by experts in the field. All articles are selected through direct solicitation of the authors by the editorial staff.  However, if you are interested in publishing an article, please contact a member of the editorial committee.   

The Cumberland Mountain Naturalist is published by Lincoln Memorial University, Cumberland Mountain Research Center within the Department of Biological Sciences. Address print correspondence to Cumberland Mountain Naturalist, Department of Biology, Lincoln Memorial University, 6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway Harrogate, TN 37752.  All electronic correspondence can be addressed to the Editor in Chief.

Publication of the Cumberland Mountain Naturalist is underwritten by the Cumberland Mountain Research Center.  If you would like to support this journal and its continued publication, please contact the Editor in Chief.

Opinions and perspectives expressed in publication are those of the authors and/or editor(s) and do not reflect the official position or endorsement of Lincoln Memorial University. 

Online Publication with Free Printed Copies of Each Issue

The Cumberland Mountain Naturalist, is available in printed form free of charge to teachers, school administrators, public and school librarians, youth leaders, conservation organizations, and Lincoln Memorial University Alumni.  If you are any of the above, to receive your complimentary, printed copy of each issue, send your name, the name of your organization and its postal address, or indicate that you are an LMU alum with the year that you graduated, to the Editor in Chief. Electronic versions are available free of charge to all others worldwide via the Lincoln Memorial University Digital Commons (https://digitalcommons.lmunet.edu/cumberland_mountain_naturalist/). 

Anyone wishing to receive notifications as new issues are published should click on the Receive Email Notices or RSS link in the left sidebar. You can also send your name and email address to the Editor in Chief. 

About the  Cumberland Mountain Research Center

Named for the Cumberland Mountains in which Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) was founded, the Cumberland Mountain Research Center (CMRC) was established in 1990 on the LMU campus to foster a collaborative research environment among faculty and students as part of the larger science education mission of the University, and to provide a broad range of research facilities, opportunities, and resources to LMU faculty and student researchers.  The original objective was to take advantage of the unique ecology of southern Appalachia that surrounds the Cumberland Gap region.  Working with a variety of institutions and organizations, including state and federal agencies, these efforts quickly expanded to include many areas across the Southeastern United States, as well as westward into Arkansas.  Shortly after this time, the CMRC also began developing international opportunities and it continues to provide and facilitate regional, national, and international research and educational opportunities for LMU faculty and students to this day.

With a particular interest in conservation biology and ecology, the CMRC is committed to enhancing research support to LMU faculty and students by facilitating the scholarship of discovery through high-quality research, creative activities, and outreach initiatives.  Central to this mission, the CMRC seeks research opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations to foster strong research and outreach efforts, as well as seek funding and resources necessary to facilitate these endeavors.  As a point of contact for all it’s stakeholders, partners, and collaborators, the CMRC facilitates, as needed, project and research development, management, communication, and dissemination of results while adhering to the highest ethical standards and professional best practices.

For additional information about the CMRC and its activities, please contact the CMRC Director, LaRoy Brandt, via email at laroy.brandt@LMUnet.edu, the LMU School of Math and Sciences, or  the LMU Department of Biology.  You can also follow the Cumberland Mountain Research Center on Facebook.