Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Joshua Tipton

Second Advisor

Cherie Gaines

Third Advisor

Andrew Courtner


As technology use in the classroom became more prevalent, so did the questions of how to effectively integrate technology into instructional practice. From this rise in questions about how to effectively integrate technology, the term blended learning emerged. Blended learning serves as a description of practices for educators to effectively implement and integrate technology in classrooms. Through an adult learning framework, I used a qualitative interpretive research design to examine middle school teachers’ perceptions of professional development for implementing blended learning. I sampled 32 middle school teachers who completed questionnaires, and I interviewed three teachers based on their responses to the questionnaire. The data revealed teachers’ perceptions of professional development offered for implementing blended learning varied depending on their own conceptual understanding of blended learning. There was a misidentification of what constitutes blended learning among the participants, which was found to alter their perceptions of the professional development opportunities offered at the district and/or school level. Additionally, the data revealed teachers’ perceptions of school and/or district professional development on blended learning did influence the classroom implementation of blended learning strategies and the need for more accessible and more personalized opportunities for professional development.


Blended learning, Middle schools, Professional development, Qualitative research