Date of Award

Spring 4-3-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Cherie Gaines


National teacher shortages have received attention in the last few years, and researchers have projected turnover rates will grow in the upcoming years. As a result, districts and administrators were challenged to hire highly qualified teachers. More research is needed on why teachers remained in urban Title I schools. Due to the lack of research, further research was necessary to form a better understanding of increasing elementary school teacher retention. Elementary school teachers from one school district in Georgia responded to a questionnaire to explore the motivational factors influencing their retention in Title I schools. The 29 certified teachers indicated the following motivational factors influencing their retention in urban Title I schools aligned into eight themes: acceptance, altruism, educational systems, interpersonal skills, job satisfaction, leadership, resiliency, and work-related stress. In this study, I explored the teacher retention crisis, beginning with understanding the factors that influenced teacher retention. While there was abundant research data on teacher attrition, there needed to be more research on the factors affecting teacher retention. Identifying characteristics that support teacher retention was crucial for maintaining a skilled and satisfied staff. School districts and managers must learn how to establish systems that cater to the essential requirements of instructors working in high-poverty, low-performing schools.


Resiliency, Urban, Title I Schools, Motivational Factors, Retention