About This Journal


  • No fees
  • Open-access
  • Double-blind refereed
  • Online
  • Any article types
  • Format-free submission
  • No word limits
  • Assistance to inexperienced authors
  • Rolling publication
  • Article-level metrics
  • Mission

    • To increase the contribution and presence of physical therapy research from Asia.
    • To encourage and provide a means for physical therapists of all clinical experience levels (including residents and students) to the author and publish their work free from financial burden.
    • To focus on the quality of the work (manuscript and author), never on the perceived novelty of the topic that is often subjective.
    • To promote scientific advancement by disseminating well-conducted and ethical research promptly and unbound.
    • Vision

      To be the premier and indisputably unrestricted platform for physical therapy research in Asia.