Aims & Scope


To move science forward, AJPT:

  • Encourages physical therapy research to come from Asia – an under-represented region in contributions to physical therapy research.
  • Provides an opportunity for authors of all levels to publish and for the public to consume research on an entirely unrestricted platform.
  • Focuses on the manuscript and author by assessing the research on its merit - quality, not topic; article, not journal-level metrics.
  • Scope

    • We encourage any topic related to physical therapy, including but not limited to clinical practice specialties, education, theories, policies, guidelines, practice settings, ethics, and technology.
    • We are more interested in the article's methodology and technical writing aspects. As long as the scholarly work is related to physical therapy, scientifically valid, methodologically rigorous, and ethical, we do not discriminate.
    • We accept any type of article - from original research to student case studies, opinions, to book reviews. For clarifications, please email the Editor-in-Chief.